Collaboration has
never been easier.

Through the power of remote work we can work on a personal level without the hassle of travelling.

Contact me and we’ll have a little chat to get to know each other better!

Andrew Mesh looking at the computer and mixing a song.

Looking forward to hear from you!

Contact Form
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I work remotely with my clients. You don’t have to be in the same room as me to get the project done exactly as you want.

Having worked with artists from all over the world, I developed a smooth way for us to work over the internet without any problems.

A personal and genuine human connection can also be made over the internet!

My goal is to fully satisfy your artistic needs. Depending on the service I provide, I do unlimited revisions for the first two weeks.

  1. First of all, you’ll fill out my contact form so I’ll have all the information I need to think about if we’d be a good fit.
  2. After your form submission, I’ll send you an E-Mail so that we can schedule an online call.
  3. In the online call, we talk about your time table, preferences, artistic vision and lots of other good stuff. Also, I want to get to know you better so I’ll know if we’d be a good fit for sure.
  4. When you’re ready, I’ll send over some contracts to e-sign so that we can start working as soon as possible.
  5. I’ll send you the file for feedback. If you want changes, now is the time 🙂
  6. After the completion of the project you get all the files, stems and invoices.

You can send me the project files via WeTransfer or I’ll set up an upload link for my server.

General Guidelines

Please make sure that

  • you send me all relevant files
  • the files are named accordingly
  • the sample rate of all files are at 44.1 kHz
  • the files are not clipping (not above 0 dB)
  • the files are in the .wav format

For Mixing and Editing

  • I’ll need individual files of all instruments, vocals, etc.
  • If vocals are overlapping each other on a single track, please seperate them to individual tracks and send them to me that way.

For Mastering

All I need is the final mix of your project.

Right now I exclusively accept Bank Transfer. If that’s not possible for you, we can work something else out though!

Artists I work with for the first time are kindly requested to settle the payment prior to project start. This changes for long term clients.

I do Mixing, Mastering, Production and Editing.

Take a look at my references here.

Since each project is individual, I can not give exact times for completion. There are projects that can be completed within a day, other projects take a little longer.

After receiving the signed contracts, we usually start working immediately.

Most projects are completed within a week.

Nowadays there are many music producers – most of them also offer their services online. However, it is difficult to find a music producer or engineer who can provide a unique and perfect mix (no pun intended) of work ethic, expertise, motivation and quality.

What do I mean by quality?
I’m not only talking about the music. I love getting to know my clients and integrating into their team, providing genuine feedback and trying to get better with every single project.

My clients are not customers but partners and friends with whom I work on a long-term basis and build personal relationships.
The music industry is a scary place and it’s nice to have some guidance and reliable people around who support you and care. I want you to succeed.