All I care about is
making your vision come alive. making your sound stand out. your musical success. making your song hit different. unleashing your potential.

Rap & Pop Mixing Engineer and Music Producer

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Your song should be heard.

You’ve invested so much time, effort, and passion into your craft. Naturally, you want the best possible chance to impress your listeners. But there’s this feeling that your vision hasn’t fully emerged yet and your music doesn’t sound quite as it should…

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How I can help

One of my greatest passions is helping artists achieve the pro sound they are looking for while working together as a team. When a song is really great but the clarity is lacking, it’s going to be a real challange to break the record. We both know that your success is tied with the quality of your songs.

Personally, I like 808s that hit and send shivers down your spine. Tight, perfectly edited vocals that make the listener feel exactly what the artist wants to deliver is crucial for me. Also, I’m a pretty weird individual when it comes to lyrics. Either I like them really deep so I can feel the pain or lyrics that make me want to bop my head.

How about you?

I hate bragging..

I really don’t like flexing. My references actually speak for themselves. Still, I wanted to mention which playlists the songs I’ve worked on have already been featured in✌️

Teamwork makes the dream work.

I integrate myself into the team of artists I work with. Together, we develop your sound and artist identity so that you can build a loyal fan base.


We work together on an online basis. This means that we are efficient and independent of questionable sleep schedules. With video calls, we can tailor your project exactly as you like it.

Sound you deserve.

The mix of a song is like the first impression on a date – there is no second chance. If it simply doesn’t fit, people won’t continue listening.

Fast & uncomplicated.


What my clients say about me

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Andrew has been extremely helpful in developing my sound. We connected immediately and have been working together on my projects for years.

Rap Artist at Groove Attack

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I really like working with Andrew. He’s outstandingly good at what he does. Moreover, he is reliable and handles matters professionally.

Independent Rap Artist

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MC Bilal

The human aspect of a producer is always very important to me. Andrew spreads good energy, is flexible and implements things musically the way I want it.

Rap Artist at Sony Music

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Andrew has an exceptional ability to empathize with my visions. Presenting a concept to someone who immediately understands it is fantastic.

Independent Rap Artist

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Thanks to our workflow and connection, we can work really effectively. Andrew brings my vision to life!

Independent Pop Artist

About Me

Who the hell am i?

Okay. I despise biographies that are written in the third person. So let’s throw out the “pseudo-professional” nonsense.

I was born in Austria’s charming tiny town of Bludenz. Raised in Istanbul, Turkey, I was exposed to a wide range of music. At the age of 7, I learned how to play the recorder which still remains my favourite instrument (sounds weird, I know). In later years I continued my musical journey on the clarinet, the ukulele and the piano.

My major musical genres, which I began producing in 2017, are house music and rap. Avicii, Sido (a German rapper), and Ed Sheeran served as my main sources of inspiration.

My exposure to PhööniX caused me to broaden my musical tastes, concentrating more on Hip-Hop, Trap, and emotional music in general. I began taking music more seriously at that time and became concerned with perfecting my skill.

I began working with clients from all over the world as soon as I made that decision. Why? Because I enjoy assisting musicians in getting the sound they desire. And because I genuinely care.

Andrew Mesh looking into the camera.

Let's build your success together.