all i care about is
mixing and production.

Rap & Pop Mixing Engineer and Music Producer


What I did so far

The process of creating songs is quite complex. Both of us are aware of that. And we are both aware of how important the track’s quality is for its success. Therefore you should surround yourself with capable individuals who actually care about you and your vision.

Rap and Pop music are my areas of expertise as a mixing engineer and music producer. Working with like-minded artists on a personal level and bringing their songs to life fulfills me.


Some Artists I've worked with


I now feel much more assured in my music as a result of working with Andrew! I immediately felt a connection with him, and we now work together on all of my projects.


I’ve never felt anything like the connection I have with Andrew. Presenting a concept to someone who immediately gets it is awesome.


I really like working with Andrew. He’s outstandingly good at what he does. Moreover, he is reliable and handles matters professionally.

Guccy Goon

 It’s been a blast operating in a session with Andrew! He is an authority in his profession and is aware of the sound I aim to produce.


All of my projects are produced and mixed by Andrew. We can operate really effectively thanks to our workflow and connection, and I enjoy it a lot. He is the one who is bringing my vision to life!

Nico Ritter

I appreciate how efficient and reliable our interactions are. Along with the quality, Andrew has won me over with his friendliness and skill.


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About Me

Who the HELL am I?

Okay. I despise biographies that are written in the third person. So let’s throw out the “pseudo-professional” nonsense.

I was born in Austria’s charming tiny town of Bludenz. Raised in Istanbul, Turkey, I was exposed to a wide range of music. At the age of 7, I learned how to play the recorder which still remains my favourite instrument (sounds weird, I know). In later years I continued my musical journey on the clarinet, the ukulele and the piano.

My major musical genres, which I began producing in 2017, are house music and rap. Avicii, Sido (a German rapper), and Ed Sheeran served as my main sources of inspiration.

My exposure to PhööniX caused me to broaden my musical tastes, concentrating more on Hip-Hop, Trap, and emotional music in general. I began taking music more seriously at that time and became concerned with perfecting my skill.


I began working with clients from all over the world as soon as I made that decision. Why? Because I enjoy assisting musicians in getting the sound they desire. And because I genuinely care.